Naturally, the entirety of the secrets of Creation were mine to know as a complete and consistent cosmogony, which knowing enabled me to envision the universe as a whole. Underlying the creative process of the universe was a fundamental principle of such simplicity that I felt that I could gather the great scientists of the world together and give them that entire principle in a few minutes, for I had been aware that for decades science has been searching for such an underlying principle, which would apply to all phenomena.

This I prepared to do by purchasing a textbook of science to familiarize myself with the present state of scientific knowledge, for before my illumination I knew nothing whatsoever of science. To my amazement I found that the entire cosmogenetic theory of science was so unlike God and Nature, that, while reading it, I felt that these laws, hypotheses, and other conclusions could not possibly have been written by men of our day, for they were so far afield from fact they seemed more like the conjuring of ancient sages who told of the flat earth upheld at its four corners by huge elephants as their cosmogenetic concept.

(Walter Russell: Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness, Prelude)

‚ÄčWalter Russell left school at the age of nine and acquired his manifold artistic skills mainly through self-study. Only in 1921 he began to look into natural sciences, because he wanted to inform the world of the knowledge, that he had learned while experiencing Illumination. His correct prediction of two chemical elements and other statements about the structure of matter and the universe are not based on calculations and experiments but are attempts to express in words the knowledge he had seen non verbally and experienced in a timeless way.