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Radioactivity and Organic Life

[According to the universal partner principle of rhythmically balanced interchange] Nature projects motion from space and space reflects it back again. The one point which we accentuate in this whole process is the highly explosive nature of the radioactive metals. We do this for the purpose of demonstrating that this high and quick explosive power is needed in Natures death process to assist in the decay and death of the slow dying rocky formations which first constitute the bodies of new planets.
Water, Oxygen, Humus and the necessary carbohydrates of life are created by the exploding metallic bullets of the dying [radioactive] elements as they assist dense elements [of the rocky formations] to die, but if they also project their death into less dense bodies, such as animal tissues, those lesser solids and the gases of their atmosphere, will again be assisted in their desire to expand, which is inherent in all matter.
In conclusion, therefore, we say to you that every ounce of free radioactive metal which is removed from its purposeful position of bombarding the unfertile, dry, hot rocks of Nature to yield pairs of bodies for making organic life possible on this planet, will not only clear the entire planet of all organic life but will keep it thus cleared until the many uranium piles above ground, are entirely dissolved by their own radiations. The number of thousands of years necessary for that is not predictable, but it is calculated by authorities that plutonium rays have a duration of over twenty thousand years. That is a long time. The dawn of Consciousness war but 10.000 years ago. How far back will man be, therefore, when he again appears on earth if he ever will?

(Walter and Lao Russell, Atomic Suicide?)