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Cosmic Consciousness

People consider the Golden Rule just an ideal for practice in close family and social relations, but not for business dealings. Jesus said, Love ye one another, and Do ye unto one another as ye would have them do unto you, but few since that day have known what He meant, or have practiced it in their daily lives.

‚ÄčThe way to gradually attain cosmic consciousness is to intensify ones conscious awareness by much aloneness and companionship with God while manifesting Him in every moment and in every task of life.

Moment-by-moment companionship with God brings with it so great a realization of Oneness with Him that the transformation into that full realization of unity is apt to take place at any time.

The deterrent to cosmic consciousness is the feeling that God is far away instead of being within, and that we can reach that far away God only through sources outside of ourselves.

(The Dawn of a New Nay in Human Relations, Address by Walter Russell, May 19, 1951)

Since he experienced Illumination during 39 days and nights in May and June of 1921, Walter Russell was very much concerned with the development of a cosmic consciousness of as many people as possible. To this end, he and his wife Lao Russell developed the Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness and founded the still existing private University of Science and Philosophy.