What is Healing?

Most traditions and so-called alternative healing methods are in harmony with this point of view and consciously work towards restoring balance (Homeopathy, Isoopathy, Dom-therapy, New Medicine by Geerd Hamer, acidic-alkaline balance, acupuncture, TCM, Jin Shin Yiutsu, osteopathy, psychosomatic energetics, Feldenkrais, balancing dentistry, Ayurveda, Yoga, etc)

Many bioenergetica and psychotherapeutic approaches, such as the methods of the so-called spiritual healing (Christian Science, Huna, synergetics et al.), ascribe great importance to the inner balance and the devotion to the innermost centre.

In Detlef Schönenbergs approach love heals, adopted by Russell translator Dagmar Neubronner in her practice for self-healing Segensspirale, a patient, in order to heal him- or herself, needs to realize the underlying imbalance that causes the ailments and problems by being in touch with his or her innermost centre. The patient should actively work on energetic balancing in order to re-establish the possibility for centeredness on a spiritual, mental, energetic and physical level.