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Mankind has a great new lesson to learn which is that Nature only gives for re-giving. That is the secret of Natures continuance… Wars can stop only then we stop making them and we shall stop making them only then we learn the great lesson of the unity of man and the fact that other men are not only brothers but are actually ourselves. When we learn that lesson, we will know that we cannot hurt any other man without hurting ourselves in the same measure.

You, as an individual, can stop all wars by stopping them in your home, your town and your whole sphere of influence. Unity begins in the home, then reaches out to your neighbourhood. If every man in the world who desires prosperity, happiness and peace gives love out from himself to his home and his neighbourhood, there would be no more wars, for war is the harvest of hate and fear while happiness and peace are the fruits of love.

(The Dawn of a New Day in Human Relations, Address by Walter Russell, May 19, 1951)

His whole life long, Walter Russell made his opinion about peace very clear. The text above is his wording in a speech, he addressed to high ranking military personnel at the Armed Forces Day Celebration on May 19, 1951 his 80th birthday.