Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness

The purpose of these lessons is twofold. First, and paramount, is to prepare the layperson who desires personal power and progress through achievement in personal creative expression to attain that end by full understanding of the Cause of all the Effects he produces in order that he may command those effects to his obedience.

With cosmic knowledge as a foundation upon which he can firmly stand to face every problem of his daily life, whether social, domestic, business, health, family, friendships, professional or otherwise, he can meet all problems with a clarity of vision to conquer them with intelligent action and decision instead of complexing his problems because of his inability to fully comprehend their cause.

The secondary purpose is to so thoroughly define and explain this universal illusion, which seems so real to the human senses, and proves to the satisfaction of the most exacting scientists that the entire electric wave universe is but a cosmic cinema picturing a cosmic idea of cause and effect with cosmic projection cameras called wave fields of light. These imaginary cosmic projection cameras of light wave fields are as describable and definable mechanically as the projection machines of their earthly counterparts are describable and definable.

The cosmic cinema is a glorious manifestation of the imaginary thought processes of Gods Mind, but the projected light images of Gods imagining, which seem to move and have life of being in themselves, are but electrically-sensed thought forms of thought imaginings that but constitute a mirage of the reality which they but simulate. This fact will gradually be clarified as these chapters unfold, as will Gods reason for limiting the senses of men in order that he should believe the simulation to be reality.

The solution of the seemingly unfathomable mystery of Creator and Creation fulfills a prophecy made by Sir Oliver Lodge who said, in effect, that if in the coming centuries the great cosmic secret was ever revealed to man, its discovery would not come from the trained scientific Mind but would be the supreme vision of some poet, painter, philosopher, or saint who could see the universe as a whole.

It is my hope that every reader will so clearly comprehend each part of this whole picture of Gods cosmic plan that he or she will envision and comprehend the many parts as One Whole. Those readers who can so strongly see the Oneness of all the seeming many parts of Gods plan may make of their own lives a divine extension of that One and thus become master Creators of their own creating universe.

(Walter and Lao Russell, Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness, Prelude)