The Home Study Course

German: Fernstudienkurs Kosmisches Bewusstsein

2001 revised and commented version by Yasuhiko G. Kimura and Laara Lindo.

From 1950 Lao and Walter Russell offered the “Transformational Study of Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy”, the legendary “Home Study Course”. Walter Russell wrote in the preface:

“The purpose of these lessons is twofold. First and foremost, they should give you personal strength and expression of your personal creativity and enable you to fully understand the cause of all the effects you produce. This is how you can control these effects…
The second purpose is to thoroughly define the illusion of this universe, which seems so real to the human senses, and to prove satisfactorily even to the most exact scientists that our entire universe of electric waves is only a cosmic cinema…”

“What you know, you think; what you think, you will.” (W. Russell)

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