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Books and Lectures by Walter and Lao Russell

Chronological list of all publications.

Where there is already a German Edition, it is mentioned.

Walter Russell
The Book of Early Whisperings (1920)

Deeply inspired by Nature, Walter Russell early in life sought solitude in walks through meadows and woods, by lakes and streams. The Book of Early Whisperings was written during those early years when he loved to spend time alone sketching his favorite scenes or in contemplation of the natural order of life.

Walter Russell
The Universal One (1927)

With this work Walter Russell appealed to the scientific world six years after his primary Illumination experience in order to publicize the laws and cosmic interrelations that had been revealed to him. More than one thousand editions of this work, that had been published at his own expense, were sent to the top experts of research and science. Their reaction was devastating it was zero. Most of them did not even acknowledge having received this large-sized volume and hardly anybody, aside from a few open spirits such as Fritz Berger and Nikola Tesla, took the content of this book seriously.

Walter Russell
The Russell Genero-Radiative Concept (1930) – sold out

In this booklet, after his disappointment with "The Universal One", Russell once again set out the universal partner principle as simply as possible. Also this book was not noticed by scientists, but read with enthusiasm by many laymen.

Walter Russell
The Sculptor Searches for Mark Twain's Immortality (1934)

The famous painter Walter Russell only began his sculptural work at the age of 56. The most astonishing masterpiece is a sculpture in which 27 novel figures from Mark Twain's literary work have been composed into a single unit. In his lecture Russell describes the inner and outer process of this phenomenal work.

Walter Russell
The Meaning and Acquisition of Wealth (1935)

Walter Russell
The Electric Nature of the Universe (1936)

A compact representation of Walter Russell's cosmology.

Walter Russell
The Immortality of Man (1944)

Human immortality results from the universal partner principle.

Walter Russell
The Fifth Kingdom Man (1946)

Walter Russell
The Self-Multiplication Principle (1946)

German: Included in Kraft und Frieden, available as Book and Audio Book.

Indeed, the genius is inherent in everyone but how has Walter Russell accomplished such an overwhelming wealth of works? In this incisive talk he describes just that in a very comprehensible manner. We can all do it!

Walter Russell
The Secret of Working Knowingly with God (1946)

Walter Russell

Genius Inherent In Everyone (1946)

German: Das Genie steckt in Jedem

Walter Russell was convinced that every human being has the potential of ingenuity one merely needs to overcome one`s  inhibitions and realize that we are all one in God. A deeply inspiring and encouraging book.

Walter Russell
The Secret Of Light (1947)

German: Geheimnis des Lichtes

Twenty years after the staggering reaction caused by "The Universal One", Walter Russell presented the basic cosmic correlations in a simplified manner and with more conventional scientific wording. The radical innovation and simplicity of his thoughts in this book make for most sophisticated reading, but the more one immerses oneself the more accessible it becomes.

Walter Russell
The Message of The Divine Iliad,

Vol. I and II (1948/49)

German: Die Botschaft der Göttlichen Iliade

During his 39 day and night period of Illumination in 1921, Walter Russell jotted down some 40.000 words that express what he learned while he experienced the Light of Cosmic Consciousness. These pivotal texts, that were published bit by bit and are referred to in almost all of his works, have been compiled in this comprehensive two-volume edition, including explanatory talks as well as a questions and answers section.

Walter und Lao Russell
The Home Study Course (1950)

German: Fernstudienkurs Kosmisches Bewusstsein

2001 revised and commented version by Yasuhiko G. Kimura and Laara Lindo.

From 1950 Lao and Walter Russell offered the "Transformational Study of Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy", the legendary "Home Study Course". Walter Russell wrote in the preface:

"The purpose of these lessons is twofold. First and foremost, they should give you personal strength and expression of your personal creativity and enable you to fully understand the cause of all the effects you produce. This is how you can control these effects...
The second purpose is to thoroughly define the illusion of this universe, which seems so real to the human senses, and to prove satisfactorily even to the most exact scientists that our entire universe of electric waves is only a cosmic cinema..."

"What you know, you think; what you think, you will." (W. Russell)

Walter und Lao Russell
Lectures for a New World (1950), original recordings in English

Audio book with original recordings of Walter and Lao Russell's lectures. mp3 files in easily understandable quality, lovingly prepared with sound technology, a unique documentation, total length approx. 446 minutes.

Walter Russell
The Dawn of A New Day In Human Relations (1951)

German: Included in Kraft und Frieden, available as Book and Audio Book.

On his eightieth birthday, Russell spoke in front of highly ranked members of the military in the US on the Armed Forces Day. His simple and still stunningly radical elaboration on the causes of war and the preconditions for long-lasting peace are still very much up-to-date and sometimes seem to only just have to be brought to the attention of the current President of the United States of America.

Walter Russell
Caring For Your Physical And Spiritual Health (1951)

Walter Russell
A New Concept of the Universe (1953)

Walter und Lao Russell
Scientific Answer To Human Relations (1954) – sold out

Walter und Lao Russell
The World Crisis
Its Explanation And Solution (1955) – sold out


Lao Russell
God Will Work With You But Not For You (1955)

German: Gott arbeitet mit dir, aber nicht für dich

Walter Russell's congenial wife often receives too little attention in view of the wealth of her partner's work. But she also had something to say herself. Her main focus was the topic balance between man and woman, which she realized in her very happy marriage with Walter Russell. Without Lao's energy, neither the University of Science and Philosophy nor the Home Study Course would probably have become reality.

The book explains clearly how to use the universal laws. The balance between their own energy and the trusting sailing on the stream of being makes it understandable how Lao and Walter Russell could achieve what they have done without having to forego a cheerful, sociable, creative life in abundance. For all those who want to take their lives into their own hands  but not to push locomotives in the sweat of their face, but to sail in joy on the possibilities of the universe.


Walter und Lao Russell
The One-
World-Purpose (1956)
sold out

Walter und Lao Russell
Atomic Suicide? (1957)

German: Radioaktivität das Todesprinzip in der Natur

Radioactivity  the principle of death in nature. Walter and Lao Russell's knowledge of the two basic principles of the material universe, concentration and radiation, makes it imperative that radioactivity is the "principle of death" in creation. In its natural habitat, radioactive radiation is indispensable for the overall equilibrium; if man spreads it all over the earth, it causes massive global warming and transforms the planet into a hot desert. It follows from this that the civil and military use of nuclear energy has catastrophic consequences for all of us for natural law reasons, even if no accident never have occurred. But there is also good news: Whoever has read this book understands the basic principles of creation. It is never too late because our consciousness is the key to healing.

Lao Russell
Love A Scientific And Living Philosophy Of Love and Sex (1966)

Lao Russell
Why You Cannot Die! Reincarnation Explained (1972)

Walter Russell
The Quest of the Grail (1991)

(Fragment, published posthumously 1991)

Walter Russell
THINK: The First Principle of Business Success (2003)






Glenn Clark
The Man Who Tapped The Secrets Of The Universe (1946)

German: Walter Russell – Vielfalt im Einklang

This book, of which more than 300.000 copies have been sold, has made Walter Russell and particularly his scientific and philosophical work known worldwide.

J. B. Yount III
Remembered For Love Lao Russell of Swannanoa (2005)

This recently published biography provides detailed insight into aspects of Walter Russell that have been left unmentioned in Glenn Clarks’ ardent description of Walter Russell’s personality. The title renders Lao Russell’s answer to the question of how she would like to be remembered by the people once she dies.

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