God Will Work With You But Not For You

German: Gott arbeitet mit dir, aber nicht für dich

Walter Russell’s congenial wife often receives too little attention in view of the wealth of her partner’s work. But she also had something to say herself. Her main focus was the topic balance between man and woman, which she realized in her very happy marriage with Walter Russell. Without Lao’s energy, neither the University of Science and Philosophy nor the Home Study Course would probably have become reality.

The book explains clearly how to use the universal laws. The balance between their own energy and the trusting sailing on the stream of being makes it understandable how Lao and Walter Russell could achieve what they have done without having to forego a cheerful, sociable, creative life in abundance. For all those who want to take their lives into their own hands – but not to push locomotives in the sweat of their face, but to sail in joy on the possibilities of the universe.

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