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Photos of Walter and Lao Russell

Walter Russell on Ice

In skating, for example, he brought the best instructors of the world here under his own personal subsidy to improve his already skilled art of figure-skating and to encourage the art in this country. For this purpose he organized the New York Skating Club, became its first president, gave the first four carnivals which are now one of the great annual Madison Square Garden features, that brought the fine art of figure skating to a high point.

During this period he passed the high tests which automatically would give him the National Amateur championship, but did not even claim it. He has skated with the greatest professionals from the days of the spectacular Charlotte up to the present day. At the request of the Hippodrome management he skated a single and double program one night with Charlotte, just for fun as he said. At forty-nine years of age he skated a programme for Pathe News at Lake Placid, with the then national woman champion, Beatrice Loughlin. For several years he was one of the judges in the Lake Placid figure skating contests. He represented the United States as judge at the international contest for the Duke of Connaught trophy in Ottawa, and at the night carnival led the grand march with the Duchess of Devonshire.

At sixty-nine he won three first prizes in figure skating against competitors all under thirty. He still skates at Radio City and at the carious private skating clubs.

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