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Photos of Walter and Lao Russell

Walter Russell 1905

Assumedly on one of his Black Stallions

»For many years he was an ardent and skilled horseman. Desiring to be the tops he obtained the worlds best instructors and became so skilled in the art that he trained black stallions for high school such as one sees at the circus. Seven to nine every morning found him in the ring at Durlands riding Academy, working with the tremendous enthusiasm upon one or more of the famous Arabian stallions which were a part of the twenty-seven Arabian horses which he kept at Oyster Bay for years to cross-breed with Henry Clay stock with the intent of producing an American type equal to, or better than, the famous Orloff Russian type. Four oclock to six every day found him tiding black Arabian stallions in Central Park, always black stallions. After setting such a standard he would never ride an inferior horse.«

Glenn Clark: The Man Who Tapped the Universe

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