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The Man Walter Russell  His Life and His Work

Walter and Lao (1946 – 1963)

In 1946, his second wife Daisy Stebbing read some of Walter Russells works and immediately knew, that this author was her soul-mate. She got in contact with him and later reported what he said to her during their first telephone conversation: I know your voice. I have been hearing it inside of me for decades. In 1948 the 77-year-old Walter Russell married the 43-year-old woman, who he affectionately called Lao, derived from Laotse. The divorce from his first wife, he had been married to for 55 years, went through the press and was met with disapproval.

Lao and Walter worked together for fifteen years and founded the University of Science and Philosophy on their splendid country estate in Swannanoa with the capital that Lao gained by setting up a cosmetics company. Walter and Lao developed the home study course and published the alerting book Atomic Suicide? in 1957.

Lao also wrote several books herself. Her main concern was to attach more value to the feminine, dark, discharged and expanding principle as opposed to the predominant male-concentrated principal of our culture.

Walter Russell, who was mentally awake and active right up until the end, died on his 92nd birthday, the 19th of may 1963.

Walter and Lao Russell, ca. 1959

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