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The Man Walter Russell  His Life and His Work

Genius Inherent In Everyone!

This is what Walter Russell (18711963) proved convincingly during his lifetime. After leaving school at the age of 9, in order to earn money, he very successfully explored (amongst others) music, literature, architecture, painting, sculpture, natural sciences, new ways towards a healthy economy, philosophy and mysticism as well as figure skating, horse breeding and dressage.
Together with his congenial wife Lao, he founded a private university for distance learning, the
University of Science and Philosophy, in Swannanoa, Virgina. It still exists today and their Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness helped many people to unfold their consciousness.

A detailed biography of Lao Russell, his second wife and intellectual companion who was born in 1904, was published in 2005. It also contains a lot of information on Walter Russell. Moreover a beautiful description of his life by his friend and companion Glenn Clark was published in 1976 entitled The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe. It contributed to making Russell known in wider circles, but did not deal with exact dates and sources. You can find a summary of Walter Russells life in the section "Biographical Data".

Walter Russell

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