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Until man knows that seperation from God is impossible, even for one second, he does not begin to have knowledge. God works with you, not for you!

To meditate is to become one with God. It means to STOP THINKING and thus get out of the awareness of body. One can be aware of his body and of material things only while, and because, one is thinking.

...To concentrate is to think very hard and focus your thoughts to a point. To meditate is just the opposite it means to expand ones thoughts into space until one stops thinking and steps into the still Light of KNOWING. Thinking is sensing, and sensing is vibratory motion. Conversely, meditation is becoming still in order to talk with God. When I say talk with God I mean become inspired with His Light of all-knowing. One talks with God in timeless Light. Inspiration comes in flashes of still Light invisible Light.

If you want to know anything whatsoever, just desire to know it, then stop thinking. Try to get into a state of universal ecstasy or inner joyousness, which is a state of consciousness like unto the God-Mind. Void your mind of thoughts, thought forms and ideas. Become perfectly blank insofar as idea and form are concerned.

In that manner, you become transformed from man as an individual unit of mankind, and become all Soul the universal Soul. In that manner you make the transition from the state of sensing some things materially to knowing all things cosmically.

(Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad, Vol. II, pp 207-208)


Walter Russell did not think much of special techniques of meditation or praying. For him inspiration was conditional on the consciousness of the always existing Oneness with the Universal One and something, that we then can and must put into practice by taking responsibility for our own conscious actions, if we want our ideas to come true. For God works with you, but not for you!


Cause and Effect

The law of cause and effect always works. When anything goes wrong with you or with the world, your are or humanity in general is responsible, not God. ...Gods doing Gods part is what Creation or the outworking of cosmic law means. Therefore, instead of asking God to fulfill Gods part, attain knowledge of cosmic law so that you can harmoniously work with God to fulfill your desire. Anything that is wrong with you is of your own making; therefore, gain knowledge of the cause and of cosmic law.

People who ask God for fulfillment of their desires forget that material things are created only through two-way action. Material things are not created by rubbing an Aladdin lamp or through wishful thinking. They are created through balanced action and reaction.

(Walter and Lao Russell, Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness, Unit 7, Lesson 28)


All is One

Man must begin to the unitary principle of man knowing that there are not separate menor separate individuals, but hat the whole man idea is one. He must know that all mankind is connected with every other part of mankind, all geared together by the one omnipresent Light of God which centers all as ONE and motivates all as ONE. Until man knows that separation from God is impossible, even for one second, he does not begin to have knowledge.

(Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad, Vol. I, p 58)


We cannot see but know

It has often been declared that the human mind could never comprehend God. That statement has been based upon the assumption that the reason we could never comprehend God is that our senses could not detect God.

It is true that we cannot see God but we can KNOW Him. And therein is the essence of New Age thinking. The next hundred years will see as great a spiritual advance in the culture of our civilization as it has seen physically during the past hundred years. That which we cannot see, we can KNOW. We can see the bodies of men but we cannot see man, for the supreme Being within man is invisible. He cannot be seen. He can only be known. For the same reason we cannot see God but we can know Him, and we can know the nature of God by knowing His laws and creative processes.

When we know the nature of God sufficiently to reflect His nature in us, we become God to the extent of our ability to reflect His nature in us. By knowing the secret of Light, we will know the mystery of life and death of reincarnation, of matter and space, and the relationship of suns to planets.

The more we know the Light, the more we shall realize our purpose in manifesting that Light gloriously. Every moment of life in the Light is a moment glorification in the awareness of our omnipotence in manifesting the Light.

Someone once asked Toscaninis son: What was the highest point in your fathers life? The answer was: Every point in it is his highest point. He lives gloriously and fully every moment of his life, whether conducting an orchestra or peeling an orange.

That is what we must do when we fully know the purposefulness of life live it gloriously by living it ecstatically. We can live it ecstatically only as we know the ecstatic nature of God and become like Him through being continually inspired by communion with Him. To become like Him, we must become aware of our identity with Him. We must know Him as Creator of all that is, and in so doing know ourselves as creator of all that is.

(Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad, Vol. I, pp 59-60)

Unity in Gods Light

I will put it very simply. In May of 1921 God took me up into a high mountain of inspiration and intense ecstasy. A brilliant flash like lightning severed my bodily sensation from my consciousness and I found myself freed from my body and wholly in the Mind universe of Light, which is God. And then God said to me, Behold thou the unity of things in Light of Me, and the seeming separateness of all things in the two lights of my divided thinking. See thou that I, the Undivided, Unchanging One, am within all divided things, centering them, and I am without all changing things, controlling them.

And the secrets of the universe were unfolded to me in their great simplicity as the doors to the Light opened fully to my consciousness. In less time than it takes to put it into words, I knew all there was to know of the CAUSE of all effect, for there was very little to know. In that hour it was as though the infinity of complexity within the moving kaleidoscope were suddenly taken apart and it was shown to me that the entirety of its illusion was but three mirrors and a few bits of broken glass. Likewise the universal kaleidoscope was but moving mirror waves of dual light extending from their equilibrium in God from Whom all creating things spring in octave electric waves just as oceans waves spring from the calm sea.

(Glenn Clark: The Man Who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe)

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