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The future of great business lies in man`s comprehension of the principle of Balance in Natural Law and his determination to work WITH instead of against it.


Besides achieving success as an artist, architect, scientist and philosopher, Walter Russell was a financially successful entrepreneur. As an architect he established at his own risk the first co-operative ownership for buildings in New York City, which to this day exist on West 67 Street for example. For twelve years he coached and advised IBM employees, sales personnel and managers in the principles of creative thinking and action. A central concern for him was the establishment of a universal principle of a balanced give and take in economics.

Effects are everywhere

Every creating unit in the entire universe is an extension of every other unit. That being factually so, every action by anybody anywhere affects everybody by its reaction everywhere.
You cannot extend a gift to any individual anywhere without extending it everywhere. For example, if you give your son a thousand dollars, it will immediately begin to be extended throughout the whole human race. Even though he locks it in a steel safe, it will eventually become unfrozen and radiate its light to all humanity.

(Walter and Lao Russell, Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness, Unit 9, Lesson 34)

Business is Business?

In those early days there was a general opinion that a business man could not be honest and make money or be successful. Business is business, was the slogan, with the connotation that no matter how sharp your practice it was all right if you did it legally.
That is the jungle philosophy of every man for himself, commented Mr. Russell. It can no longer be practiced in the business world for it works against natural law. The future of great business lies in mans comprehension of the principle of Balance in Natural Law and his determination to work WITH it instead of against it.
The underlying principle of Balance in Natures One Law is equality of interchange between the pairs of opposites in any transaction in Nature. That principle must eventually be observed by big business, and the go-getter salesman who selfishly thinks that the sale he makes is the only thing that counts is not giving equally for what he takes. Therefore, I say, that equal interchange of goods and service between buyer and seller is the keynote of tomorrows business world when the vision of the modern business man awakens him to the wisdom of writing that policy into his code of ethics.

(Glenn Clark: The Man who Tapped the Secrets of the Universe, pp 35+37)

Credit and Debit

Our zero universe of equilibrium demands two opposed conditions in order to simulate that which our senses interpret for motion and change. These to needed conditions are plus and minus equilibrium; positive and negative electricity.
Plus zero means a credit of pressure borrowed from the universal equilibrium to compress a large volume into a small volume. Minus zero means an equal expansion to balance the borrowed compression.
A thousand dollars borrowed from a bank is a plus condition of credit which is balanced by an equal debit of one thousand dollars. The central zero represents the bank. The extended zeros represent credit and debit. Both are equal but opposite. A credit of one thousand dollars equals zero [for the bank]. When the credit is paid in part or in full the debit is proportionately voided simultaneously with the credit. [Terms of interest disturb this system inevitably.]
These two opposite conditions of credit and debit correspond with the two opposite conditions of compression and expansion in Nature upon which motion is dependent. When an equilibrium pressure is divided into opposite conditions from the zero from which both are extended, motion between the two becomes imperative. They must interchange with each other to void their unbalanced conditions. This is the principle of the electric current.

(Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, pp 230-231)

One World

In the business world, unwise men take more that they give. They do not realize that they are breaking the Universal Law which will eventually break them to an equal extent. It may not be balanced in the form of dollars and cents but in the loss of good-will upon which their future business depends.
Mans ignorance of the Law of Love in personal and world relationships will not serve as an excuse to save him from disaster. Wealth cannot be acquired from others by might, for wealth thus taken will impoverish him who takes anything which is not given. Nor can power be thus acquired, for the weakness of the despoiled will prevail against the might of the despoiler.
Everywhere in the world this law is seen working out its inexorable certainty. Empires built by might are dissolving. Rich world treasuries are disgorging their gold and piling up debt. The blood of every man killed by the sword has been paid for by ten perchance ten times ten of those who killed. Nations which have fattened on the food taken from others are starving amid the ruins of palaces in which they feasted.

A new world one world cannot grow out of a universe built on the foundations of hate and fear by unbalanced taking.
A new world must have new foundations. An eternal foundation is not built as one whole it is built lovingly stone by stone. Thus must man rebuild his world.

(Walter Russell, The Message of the Divine Iliad. Vol. I, pp 89-90)


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