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The Man Walter Russell  His Life and His Work

After Russell's Death (1963 – today)

Right up to her death in 1988, Lao Russell continued to run the university and to edit his work. In 1997, due to financial difficulties, the foundation board had to sell the sumptuous, Italian-style palace, where the Russells had lived and worked. At present, Walter Russells works are in storage and inaccessible. The foundation is striving to keep alive the heritage of the University of Science and Philosophy and the Twilight Club.

Furthermore, there are many people who, independently from the official organisations, do not only invest a lot of time and effort in Russells work but also refer to it and try to enhance it (e.g. Yasuhiko Kimura and the Journal und Ben Groseclose).

Russells work, however, had almost been forgotten for a long time as Nikola Tesla had advised him to lock it away in a safe for 1000 years, because mankind was not yet mature enough for it. It was Timothy Binder, president of the University of Science and Philosophy, who brought the knowledge of Walter Russell to the attention of a wider circle of interested parties in Europe during a talk in Lindau in 1992. This is where the German biologist, therapist and publicist Dagmar Neubronner met his work. She started translating his work, organized lectures, seminars and conferences about Russell and made his name known in Europe.

Since 1997 Dagmar Neubronner has been publishing Russells work in German. She is keeping the publishing rights for all European languages and supporting publications in these languages.

Lao Russell

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