About this Website

Why is there a need for this website?

Many people want to freely and autonomously understand the laws and principles according to which our universe works. We believe that spiritually delving into the work of Walter Russell (1871  1963) will contribute to this considerably.
We are fascinated by the simplicity, clarity and universality of the natural laws and principles, which make the moralizing rules and systems of good and bad redundant.
Every day we can see evidence that confirms Russells laws and that makes our personal world, wherever we apply the universal partner principle, a simpler, clearer, more beautiful and richer place. It is our to mission to make this spiritual wealth readily available in Germany.
Since the Genius Verlag was founded in 1997, Dagmar (biologist, translator and therapist) and Tilman Neubronner (graphic design and layout) have continually worked towards compiling a complete edition of the works of Walter and Lao Russell. Henry Nold (Darmstadt, Germany) encouraged and funded the construction of this homepage. Johannes Hoffmann (webdesign) has worked closely with us to implement and perfect our ideas for our internet presence. The translator Dagmar Mallett, resident in Ireland, was responsible for the English version of this homepage.

How to Explore the Website

Different Approaches
You can access Walter Russell and his philosophy from various different angles and so this website is set up accordingly. There are many different access approaches and many cross-references.
1) Topics
Here you can access the core topics of Walter Russells philosophy including quotes and brief explanations.
2) The Person Walter Russell
A biographical overview and a commentated list of his publications deliver insight into the life and work of Walter Russell.

3) Images
Browse through an image-collection of artworks, photos and diagrams taken from Russells books. Many of the images are well commentated so you can gain insight into Russells thoughts.
4) Investigate
You will be able to search for specific texts on the website and in image descriptions.
5) Switch Language
Please click on the appropriate flag for the language you require. On the German site it is possible to search within the German translations of some of the books.